Try cooking on the grill once a week to ease the load on your house's HVAC unit. Your cooling system will run less, and you'll appreciate the difference on your monthly bill. 

With July coming up, it's time to double up on your pre-travel approvals. Do you need your passport, your driver's license (even if you're not driving), or copies of your family's birth certificates? Make sure before you go, that way you know! Happy traveling!

If you're visiting a summer festival, consider leaving your pets at home. They are often not welcome in high-density locations, and it's illegal in many places to leave them in the car on a summer day. They'll be happier at home under the AC with a bowl of water to enjoy.

Drop a lemon rind in your garbage pail after you dump the trash. Run the rest of the lemon through the garbage disposer, and your sink will be as fresh as a summer's afternoon. Smells sweet enough to eat!

Summer is a popular time for weddings. Include your dog! If they can't be in the ceremony, get them in the pictures! In years to come, the snaps of the family pet will bring back fond memories of the day! Smile! Woof, woof!