You recall those Pac Man symbols that were all the rage, and yes, they are still waiting on you. With your smartphone and a QR app, you can access website info. or even get sponsored coupons! Try it and see!

Summer footwear can look worn after a winter at the bottom of a closet. A little shoe polish, a brush, and a clean cloth are all you need. You know how it's done! Your shoes will be good as new!

When working in the garden, you may still need to answer your phone. Instead of washing your hands to return a call, put your phone in a zip-top bag. You can still operate the screen, and at the end of the day, your phone will still be smudge free!

It may seem silly to water the foundation of your house, but in June's dry weather, the ground can dry enevenly, especially under your foundation. Use a soaker hose to keep the soil adjacent to your foundation hydrated. About five feet away is right, not right next to it. Cracking walls will be banished forever!

This hint is about not getting lost in the dark. Paint just the tips of your light switches with a dab of glow-in-the-dark paint. Pick it up at a local hobby shop and never miss the switch again!