Make your own happiness. Create a list of things you are grateful for. Having trouble? Start with air to breathe. Clean water. Electric lights. Take it from there, and soon your list will be longer than your arm. Reread it each morning, and take one each day to think about. Your attitude will change from bad-itude to glad-itude!

Need to paint a door or a piece of trim? Lay it flat and put a nail or screw partway into the end (no one will ever see it). Leave about an inch or two exposed. The screw can rest on your sawhorses, leaing the door or trimboard free to rotate 360 degrees. Perfect paintjob complete!

Have you dreamed of taking up a family research project? Save everything! Create a special folder on your computer, label it with your project name, and collect your information there. One good way is to do a screen capture (often called Print Screen), paste it into a word processing document, and save it in your folder. Always include a date in your document title, such as 2-02-22. That way you will know which is the most current information! One note, what you save in your screen capture may be copyrighted. You are doing research, not copy and paste!

Why not combine those summer trips with your neighbors or friends? It's fun, you may not have to drive, and you'll get to visit places you might not otherwise see. Plan your trips two weeks in advance, if possible. If you're riding with someone else, always contribute to the cost of fuel. Summer fun level? Through the roof!

Tired of that swimming pool smell in your suit? Rinse it in a bowl with a touch of vinegar in the water. Chlorine smell gone! (This also works for pool shoes or slippers!)