Newly planted trees need plenty of water, and not just when you plant them. It can take two years for your tree (depending on the species) to become self sufficient without additional water. Keep the soil moist to a depth that includes all the roots and cover with wood-chip mulch to keep the soil from drying too quickly. Then, open up your garden chair and enjoy!

Check for any leaf or grass debris around your outside AC unit. If you see any dirty buildup clogging the coils (especially at the bottom), give it a swift squirt with a jet of water. The US Dept of Energy says you can improve your efficiency by 25 percent with a well-maintained system. Happy summer!

Don't toss that dryer sheet! Instead, shine your mirrors and chrome, clean the ring inside your (recently flushed) toilet, and get those linty dust mice off your baseboards. Then, toss that dryer sheet, confident it's given you all it can.

Are you scheduled for a run date with a marathon? If yours is still on (many have canceled), double-check the course. If any streets have changed, you might walk them before the race starts to ensure no unexpected speed bumps. Safety first!

You may be restricted in where you can travel, but you don't have to restrict your fun! Pack a cooler with drinks, set up a beach umbrella in your back yard, and spend a few hours spraying the kids with a water hose. They'll have fun, and so will you!