Hospital stays are a jolt to family life. Returning home afterward can be traumatic. Here's how you can help: Take over a carpool. Drop by to do laundry. Offer to take the kids out for the day. Get involved!

For that little one, not you! (Although, you can snack, too!) Babies enjoy soft finger foods, but only after they can sit up. Bananas, pasta, chopped chicken and more. Life is a banquet. Let them enjoy!

Take some time to talk to your children about bullying. If they've been bullied, ask how you can help. Maybe you can request a class assignment change for the upcoming year or offer to speak to the school counselor. Show your children they can trust you. Don't criticize. Support them with a hug and a promise to help. Then follow through. Your children need to believe in you.

Your growing children have a side effect in your mirror's reflection. As they get taller, you are also maturing. At each stage of your life, accept that this is the new you and enjoy each day to the fullest. It's going to happen anyway, so you might as well make the most of it.

Many schools have been cancelled for the year (Corona virus woes!), but you can still make memories! Let your son get a favorite haircut, and allow your daughter to do up her face. Parks are great places for photo shoots. Pick a shady spot and snap away! Special Memories Done!