That in-ground irrigation system is handy when summer's heat rolls in. Have it inspected now for flawless operation when your lawn turns brown. Perfect lawn all summer long!

It's vital to wait for the soil to warm before planting your favorite flowers. Use a soil thermometer from your garden store to decide when your planting beds are ready.

Before your spring plantings fill out, check around your home's foundation for possible cracks where insects can get in. Clean and caulk any small cracks you find. For larger cracks, you may want to call in a foundation expert for a professional evaluation. 

Short distances on a map can turn into long hours in a car. Break long drives into multiple days if possible. If you must do a long stretch in one day, plan in plenty of time to relax at the hotel. Don't plan too much after a long day on the road.

Bananas at a big box store often come in large amounts. Just when they begin to lose their green, wrap your extra bananas separately in paper towels and store them in your crisper. The outside may turn, but the inside will remain fresher longer.