What's your sport? (Or, as we sometimes joke, what's your poison?) Pick an outside activity you can follow through on for the summer. Walk to the corner each morning. Ride your bike to the park. Do jumping jacks on the back porch as the sun comes up. The fresh air and a connection with nature will keep you energized. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day!

Post house rules for the upcoming summer. Maybe it's shoes off at the front door. You decide. Post penalties for each infraction and FOLLOW THROUGH. This will be your best summer ever!

Set up a chalkboard or a markerboard in a frequently used hallway. Each evening, list the chores you expect your children to complete the next day. They can mark them off as they finish them. You may find they jump the gun from time to time and finish them before going to bed. That's an ace in the hole!

Let your kids do a "Photoshop Chop." Copy several photos of them at different ages, and have them cut out faces and glue them on older or younger bodies. Then put them in photo frames to display around the house. They will laugh about them all summer long.

Choose a bill to pay off this month. If you can't manage that, focus on the one you'll start paying down starting NOW. Ten or twenty dollars extra a month without fail, and you'll eventually get there.