Break out your old school recorder (or pick one up at your local music store). Teach short songs to your kiddos. You play while they sing. Nursery rhymes are super. They already know them. You might even get your little ones interested enough to want to play themselves!

Your child's school has been impacted by the 2020 corona virus lockdown. Call them and ask if there's anything you can do to help as summer approaches. Your time ... or cookies for the office staff still on duty. They will appreciate you for your willingness to step up.

Never put juice in a baby's bottle. It's chock full of sugar ... and we know where that leads. Tooth decay and excess tummy! Try milk or water for a healthy drink. 

Older family members can face mobility challenges. Arrange a spring cleaning for their home. You can do it or call in a cleaning service. Job well done!

Buy several lightweight jump ropes. Have your kids brainstorm unusual places they can jump rope. Take photos or videos with your phone and post them to social media. Your friends and family will love them.