November 21, 2019

I'm out of town tomorrow to Virgina for a two-day event, and my husband is taking our latest shipment of Personalized Journals and Personalized Bibles to the post office in the morning. He's going to have a trunkful!

Notice the big box. It goes all the way to Hawaii. So exciting to be able to share with people all over the world.

Shipping 11 21 19

Date: February 2, 2019

Event: Titus 2 Women in Zebulon, North Carolina

I was very blessed to be able to attend and speak at Titus 2 Women.

Today was an awesome day!  We came together in praise and worship.  I was given the opportunity to share what was on my heart.  Well, the women at the shelter (from yesterday) were on my heart today.  I shared about my time with them and how much they liked their “My Personalized Promise Bibles”.  Cassandra asked me to share how the Bibles were packaged. When they removed them from the totes all 3 ladies begin to shed tears.  They were so touched to see their name within the scriptures.  Steven (my son) felt the ladies needed a tote to store and carry their “My Personalized Promise Bibles” in.  I wished he could have been there to see how much they treasured them. 

I am fortunate to be used of God as I travel and minister His presence in my life.

God's blessings to you all!


Titus 2 Women

Date: September 8, 2018

Event: The North Carolina Poultry Festival, Goldsboro, North Carolina

I had a great time with my booth at the North Carolina Poultry Festival, and I appreciate the folks who came by to say hello. My husband Farley and my son Steven dropped by to give me a break.

This was our first public event and thousands were in attendance.  It was exciting to meet many new people and share the “My Personalized Bible” with them.  I even had the opportunity to pray for several of them.

I enjoyed visiting with the crowds, and I even got to tour the antique car show just down from me on Center Street.


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Steven Poultry Festival

February 1, 2019

I so enjoy speaking at the local Battered Women's Shelter. The ladies are very precious to me.

I met the sweetest ladies at the shelter today.  We shared with one another the situation we had been in and how we are moving forward.  Jill loves to bake and is the kitchen queen.  She has been through so much her entire life.  LaToya has escaped her previous life and is anticipating great things for the future.  She is a poet and loves to do data entry.  She is hoping to find a position when she transitions from the home.  Leigh is a transplant from another state and has goals she wants to accomplish.  She enjoys doing crafts.  These ladies opened up their hearts and lives to me.   Today Savior Connect donated “My Personalized Promise Bibles” to each of these ladies and those that were in in attendance.  Their hearts were overwhelmed by seeing their name in the scripture.  The tears of gratitude as each lady read her name written directly into the scriptures made my heart melt. Please keep these ladies in your prayers.

Today, Nancy M. stopped by to see the ladies.  It was an honor meeting her.  She has a group of friends that remodeled the dining room and did a fabulous job.  She has such a caring heart.


Date: January 19, 2019

Event: Titus 2 Women in Zebulon, NC

I was invited to share what it was like being brought up by parents who loved God first, and family second.

My parents were God fearing, loveable, caring and honorable people.  I have been blessed in my life to grow up in a home where God came first.  They taught me how to pray and how to care for others.  And how raising your children in a godly home is the most important part of parenting.

I shared parenting tips.

We had lunch together.  The food and fellowship was the best!

These ladies have a heart for God and desire to help one another.  I am honored to have been invited to be a part of their lives.