Still have your Christmas tree waiting to recycle? Cut the boughs from the trunk and use them as an extra layer of mulch to protect your evergreen perennials. Your garden will thank you come spring.

Do you have to get out in icy weather? Like ice skating, getting going on ice can be a challenge. Try to keep your car moving (at a very slow speed) even when approaching traffic lights. Use gentle pressure on the accelerator when you need to move forward again.


Head to the garden store and stock up on roses. It's time to plant if you live in zones 7 and warmer. That's much of N. Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, and most of Texas. Along the southwest, you can begin to plant your roses, too. They will have time to root and begin to color up your garden in spring.

What about those cold nights? If you don't want to run an electric blanket, try wearing long underwear under your pajamas. You'll be toasty all night long.

Use the Internet to plan your winter vacation. Check weather forecasts where you intend to travel. You may need to make changes if a storm will impact you along the way.