If a family member must be separated during the holidays, plan a separate separation celebration!! (That's a mouthful!) You can still call it Christmas or Kwanza or Happy Family Day!! Just make plans and do it!

The bustle of Christmas shopping is in full swing. Know what credit cards you have with you and count them every time you take out your wallet. If one disappears, it may get into the wrong hands. (It helps to have a separate list of phone numbers to call if one is stolen. Card companies don't want unapproved charges on your cards any more than you do!)

Set up a relaxing playlist on your phone comprised of your favorite songs (holiday or otherwise). When the day gets to be too much, pop in your headphones, turn up your music, and let everyone else manage themselves for a song or two. You'll feel better, and the day will run smoother than you ever thought possible. Ready, set, PLAY!


Self-care is vital between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Look for something positive to combat the inevitable stress of the season. A good book. A movie. Work on a scrapbook or a puzzle. Even a walk in the mall, whatever relaxes you. You can't control everything around you, but you can control you. Take care of yourself, and you will be able to take care of others. Lights down! Ahhh! That feels better already!

Tape a sheet of paper to your fridge. Anytime you think of something you need to do for the holidays, jot it down. It's an easy way to make a to-do list, and nothing will get left out! Happy organizing!