Sheltering in place over the summer has created the opportunity for never-before family memories. Use a service like Sutterfly to print a book of your summer photos to remember the year the world shut down. You'll look back on it in days to come and treasure your family time together.

The start of school is in flux in many states with the remnants of COVID-19 still around. When you contact your child's school, use succinct, straightforward language. The school will be fielding many inquiries, so make yours to the point and simple. 

It's time to get that summer sand out of your carpets. Drag them outside if you can. Call a professional if necessary. You will breathe easier as the dog days of summer start to wind down.

This is the edible variety. Try a picnic at the local park. Pack your favorite salsa to liven up your burger and enjoy! You might even work in a game of catch with the kids. Every calorie burned is a good thing.

It's August. Come up with a summer motif to make the month memorable. Put it everywhere: notes, on the fridge, in your yard/garden; with your kids' lunches. Here are some examples: butterfly; swimming; travel (your favorite destination!); a treasured pet; an item of food. Give it a go. The Month of the Butterfly (or whatever!). Have fun!