Gardening is good for muscle strengthening. So is weight-lifting and climbing stairs, but in early fall, being in the outdoors is much more appealing! Garden spades to the ready! Go!

It might be summer's end, but September in the South can still be hot and sticky. Start early, talk afternoon breaks, and carry plenty of liquids. Happy adventures!

Santa, of course. It's early, but now's the time to have your chimney flue cleaned. Summer bird nests need to be gone before that first fire (or Santa arrives, whichever comes first!). 

Sticky Jumps is perfect for preschoolers with too much energy. Handmade stick figure cards show different jumping motions. Kiddos stomp in a circle for seven "sticky steps" then turn over a card and do what it shows! They will have a blast. (You may get a laugh or two out of it, also!)

Maybe not for you, but your kiddos can certainly snack for free. Chili's, Denny's, IHOP and more often allow little ones to eat either a free meal or a free item. It's sometimes on certain days, so check ahead and enjoy!