March is a great month for fresh lobster. To get into that shell (the claws, especially) wrap in a towel and whack with the back of your chef's knife. Peel away the shell and tuck that goodness into your tummy!

Introduce your little tykes to slime for a fun March treat! Half and half water and white glue, an equal amount of liquid starch and a few drops of food coloring, and Shazzam! Your kids will have fun all day long! Boredom banished!

You may enjoy outside winter activites, but your batteries don't! They appreciate the moderate temperature range indoor people prefer. If your batteries have gotten very cold (below zero F), let them warm before charging them. You will help extend the battery's life.

It's the last day of February. Roses are fine for Valentine's Day, but the symbolic flowers for the month are violets (loyalty and faithfulness) and primroses (love). February's birthstone? The beautiful (and purple!) amethyst.

Does cooking for a crowd overwhelm you? Here's a way to ease yourself into the big day. Set all your ingredients out the night before (except refrigerated items, of course). Even your cooking utensils. You can wake up without worrying that you might miss something. Your dinner party? Count it a success!