Summer can make us feel cooped up ... kids and toys in the house ... it never seems to end. Put some space between you and the kids' clutter. Pile everyone in the car and take a drive. When you return, you'll be able to see your surroundings in a new light, and the mess may well seem like less. Fresh eyes can put things in perspective! 

Now that summer's heat and humidity is really kicking in, banish clammy nights with fresh cotton sheets. Even silks work well, and you will enjoy the sensuous fabric. Add a fan to your bedside table, and you will enjoy perfect dreams all summer long!

Many neighborhoods now provide brightly colored curbside waste bags for doggie-do. If you use these for your pet, be sure to pack them to the garbage can at your house. Neighborhood beautiful, done!

If your prescription glasses are too scratched to be reusable, take out the lenses and turn them into a dressup prop for your children or grandchildren. You can even donate the frames to a school and recycle the lens with your household recyclables. Glasses reused! Perfect!

When we travel, there's more than just the cost of our resort to consider. Gas (in our car), rental surchages, even tips to doormen. It all adds up. During peak travel, many places raise their prices even more. Be realistic so your good time is not short-changed!