Pansies are a winter favorite in many areas. To keep them perky through spring, pinch off old blossoms and water with a diluted fertilizer solution every few weeks. The same works with the closely related Johnny jump-ups!

Dingy glass can be renewed by soaking in water with denture tabs. Cloudy (or thrifted) glass will take on a new sparkle with this simple hack. Scrub with a nylon scrubbing pad for extra sparkle!

When it's time to update your ceiling fan light covers, give them a second life as decorative planters. (Built-in drainage holes!) Hot glue them inside a shallow plate or bowl (or use a construction adhesive for a stronger bond), plant and enjoy!

Now's the time to whack back nusiance vines like wild grape, Virginia creeper, kudzu, or Japanese honeysuckle before excessive foliage and heat make this chore a misery. Machete out! Go!

Sometimes it's just moving a chair. Change out your textiles. A new set of curtains. The small changes will keep you fresh, and your credit card won't take a hit from hitting the stores.