Our computers contain so much information that it's easy to lose stuff. The magnifying glass is a great search tool (most likely at the bottom of your screen). Use pencil and paper when you enter a search term to keep track of the words you've used. That way you don't repeat. Keep trying until you have success! Happy searching!

You've seen those plastic rocks with key slots for your garden. They always look like plastic rocks! Hot glue a pill bottle to the bottom of a real rock. Your key will be in a waterproof container, and the rock will be invisible to strangers! 

Is the stress of the upcoming summer season about to do you in? Here's an easy fix: Breathe in through your nose for the count of 4. Slowly release it through your mouth for the count of 8. This supercharges your brain with oxygen and helps you to take charge once again. Ready, set, breathe!! Success!! 

Encourage your children to create a band! The recorder is simple to learn and an inexpensive way to teach your children music. Simple finger positions will get a few notes down, and the music will come easy-peasy! Google "recorder fingerings" to get started. Future musician on the way!

If you plan to plant vegetables for this summer's harvest, late April or early May is optimal for many of them. Whether for a large garden or just a few plants, start them now to enjoy your upcoming 2021 bounty!