June is the time to change over your garden to warm-weather plantings. You can try beans, squash, cucumbers ... even corn! They will do well in the heat and taste better on your table!

What makes June a superb growing season means weeds are prolific, also. Hoe your garden regularly to keep them under control. Exposing the roots of weed seedlings allows them to dry out rather than rooting into your soil!

Bulbs by nature are underground, but the leaves can become brown once the flowers fade. Wait until they are completely brown, then trim them back to ground level. You will allow your other flowers to shine!

Make your table a rainbow of seasonal fruits and veggies. That pop of color will provide you vitamins and minerals to fuel your summer activities. Watermelons, mangoes, peaches ... enjoy!

For most of us, frost is a thing of the past. However, in northern parts of the U.S., don't forget to protect tender plants at night. Sweet corn and tomatoes can suffer at temperatures as low as 50 degrees. Garden wisely and eat well!