Protect your summer electric bill by turning on your ceiling fan. You can adjust the thermostat and feel just as comfortable. Don't forget to turn off the fan when you leave the room. The air movement cools you, not the room.

On a sunny day, turn off interior lights and check around your exterior doors for light leakage. Visible tight means cracks, which equals dollars seeping through. Seal the crack and your electric rates will go down like a deflated balloon. 

Spending the day at the pool? Have kabobs already prepared in the fridge. When you get home, fire up the grill, and in minutes, each person has a tasty treat of their own ready to enjoy. 

On hot, outdoor days, color code several water bottles for each person with permanent markers. Make sure each person drinks their share to keep dehydration at bay.

Meal times can be simpler with a crock pot. Start your food before you take the kids to the park, and your meal will be ready when you get home.