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I'm so excited about my newest book. Here's what it says on my "about" page at Three Skillet Publishing, my publisher:

If you've ever struggled with feeling tired, worn-out or useless, you need this book.

Aging Gracefully

Helpful Hints for the Elderly

A Note from Diane:

Satisfaction in life is accepting what comes our way. As children, it’s the new and different. What’s coming up? We want to be there. There, that, that’s what I want to become!

It doesn’t have to be any different for us as we mature into our senior years. We may have enjoyed activities and people that we can never return to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have an exciting future still out there in front of us.

Aging Gracefully is a guide into that future. In this latest book offering helpful hints for a better and improved life, I’ve included reminders and suggestions that can help you (or your loved one!) navigate this unfamiliar territory with grace and aplomb.

Here’s what I’d like you to do: Take this book one section at a time and see which hints most apply to you. Don’t try to incorporate all of them into your life all at once. That’s impossible. Two or three, take those and see if they work for you. Then, when you’ve settled into those changes, revisit that section in this book and see if you are ready to try another of my hints.

You see, your life hasn’t brought you to where you are all at once, and the hints I’m suggesting to help you age gracefully don’t need to happen over-night. They are simply suggestions, ideas to get you thinking about your future so that you can be as happy, as independent, and as excited about the rest of your life as you were as a child.

This is your life. Make the most of it. Enjoy every moment. I truly hope the hints I’ve included in this book will help you to do exactly that.

Topics I've included are:

Around the House

The Kitchen



Personal Care

Age Proofed

Mental Wellness

Family and Relationships

Finances and Living Alone

Physical Activity ... and more!

Here is your chance to make your end as good as your beginning!

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The book of Philippians in the Bible is one of my favorite books. It is filled with Joy, which is Pastor Tim's theme for this book.

Tim talks about:





Sainthood ... and more!

Get this book and read it. You will be changed.

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I love this book by my dear friend Apostle Kimberly Armstrong.

Here's what Kimberly has to say about her book:

"When God is ready to take you places, the flesh must make a change.

It's time to eliminate old emotions, hurts, disappointments, bitterness, anxieties, relationships, heartache as well as heartbreaks. All these and more have to be dealt with in order for healing and deliverance to take place.

I rest on the belief that if you acknowledge the Lord, He will direct your way.

In 2015, my father was fighting a faith battle against sickness, and my church was exploding into a new level of ministry. God was preparing to take me to a new dimension in Him.

My book, Morning Java, is a testament to God's grace."

This inspiration-filled book soaked with Kimberly's overcoming and faith-based dynamic observations will excite you and embolden your walk with God.

The image links to Kimberly's book on the Three Skillet Publishing website.

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This series by Sandy Jackson will invigorate your passion for sharing Christ with the lost.

The text on the image says:

"You will be charmed to meet the rag-tag misfits who become warriors for Christ through the witness of Uncle Hula Hoop and his unique style of witnessing for the Lord. These books are perfect for sharing the message of salvation with anyone who does not know Jesus as Lord."

You will follow Uncle Hula Hoop and the youthful J.C. as they weave their way through the pages of these books. The author, Sandy Jackson, does not disappoint. The books present salvation plainly and simply through engaging characters in life-like situations that expose the need for Jesus in our everyday lives. Share them with your family or coworkers. Even those who reject the divinity of Jesus will enjoy the touching relationships of the characters Mr. Jackson has created for his books.

The image links to the first book in the series, Uncle Hula Hoop and J.C.

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When my very good friend Kimberly Armstrong decided to put together this book, I cheered her on.

Now, here it is. Enjoy! This is from her publisher's book page:

"As you advance in the Kingdom of God, the flesh must yield to the Spirit.

It is in this moment that God says, 'Finally you can move forward in Christ! You are in it for My glory and not for any other reason. Enjoy your journey. Your Finally is finally here!'

There here have been times when I've asked if my wilderness experience would come to an end. Each time, my Faith in Jesus never left me, and my Anchor, Jesus, never gave me any reason to give up.

My newest book, God Says Finally!, will allow you to find your foothold in Jesus. He will become your anchor in all things."

You will not regret ordering a copy of this book. It will lift your spirits and encourage your walk with Jesus.

The image links to Kimberly's book on the Three Skillet Publishing website.