MCN Post for Power Confessions

I've read these books, and they amaze me with their spiritual strength.

You want copies of these books, whether you purchase the individual volumes or the Collection edition.

Here's what it says on the Three Skillet Publishing website:

Power Confessions: Volume One

Four months of Power Confessions to build a rock-solid relationship with Christ. Renew your Faith, secure your Salvation, and claim Hope and Healing through the voice of power and authority.

Power Confessions: Volume Two

This set of over 130 Power Confessions is your key to an Overcoming lifestyle. You will proclaim Power through the authority of the Bible, exercise the right to Resist the devil, and forge a new Relationship with Jesus!

Power Confessions: Volume Three

This is Praise and Worship at its best! Your heart will sing, and you will be refreshed daily. This set of over 130 Power Confessions will encourage you to New Life in Christ, for you are a Child of the King!

Power Confessions: Collection Edition

All three books in this series, now in one volume! You will never miss your favorite Power Confession.

In the Collection Edition, Mr. Dunn presents all nine Power Confessions topics, nearly 400 individual Power Confessions in all!

You will find a full year of daily Power Confessions between the covers of this book, nearly 400 in all! Have all three volumes at your fingertips. You'll never miss out again.

Get each book individually or order the Collection Edition to have every Power Confession at your fingertips!

The Collection Edition is also available in Kindle format for your reading empowerment.

Click the image to go to Three Skillet Publishing to order your copies today!

From the Wings of He Cover for Kindle

I'm partial to this book.

This is a collection of my mother's Bible study notes. I remember her writing some of these, and the rest moved my heart as I worked with our publisher to get them in print. You will be as affected as I was by the words of a prayer warrior. Get your copy in either paperback or ebook format.


Click on the image of the book to visit Three Skillet Publishing to find out more.

Chasing Redemption Cover Front v3

This book is perfect for the entire family!

I became engrossed in the characters, and I felt I knew them personally by the end. You will grow to love this encouraging, faith-affirming book as much as I have. The story is about a minister who is given one afternoon to save his family through forgiveness, acceptance, and the power of God's love.


Click the image to visit Three Skillet Publishing and read the first six chapters for free!


No More Weighting

Debbi Robertson is a good friend of mine, and I've watched the truths in this book work for her. She's lived this. She knows what she's talking about.

Let me share with you what Amazon has to say about Debbi's book.

Through her own weight loss experience, Debbi understands that it takes more than diet and exercise to make a lifestyle change. The first step must come from the heart and mind; it comes from making a decision for change – a decision that will lead to taking ACTION!

Debbi Robertson is a wife, mother, teacher, motivational speaker, minister of the Gospel and previously, an obese woman. As a result of her own weight loss and maintaining that loss, she has a true passion to help others live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

No matter what the weight may be that you carry - whether physical, mental or emotional, this book will help you rid the weight by renewing your mind! No More Weighing - The Time is NOW!

If you've ever considered a diet plan, order this book. You can't go wrong.


Click the image to order your copy from Amazon now!


Success Speak Cover V14 for Main Book for Web Insertion

I spend time in this book every day.

Steven has included an inspirational message for every day of the year. You'll look forward to each morning and the motivational words that await you.

You will be inspired to success like never before. He has a companion journal to go with each of his messages. Get both. You won't regret it.


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