When that first summer heatwave hits, you want your air conditioner to keep you cool. Have your refrigerant checked and recharged if necessary. Happy heatwave!

Now's your time to turn your compost pile to be ready for a summer of lawn clippings. Any compost ready for your garden is a special bonus! 

The first of April is known for tricksters, but you can still use the day to plan your next trip! Even if you use a travel webpage to schedule your vacation, it's still a smart idea to call and verify your car and your hotel directly with the rental company. Check and check again. You'll enjoy a surprise-free vacation with no tricks in sight!

If you like to ride, now's a good time to check on your favorite steed's feet. Horseshoes keep the hooves from cracking or excessive wear and are important to the health of your horse. Every 4 to 6 weeks is a normal schedule for a visit from a farrier.  

Many bulbs (begonias, cannas, elephant's ear) need warm soil before planting. Start them indoors in pots. As soil temperatures outside increase, you can move them into their fulltime summer home! A beautiful yard complete!