This is for your kids. Let them each paint a clay pot in a distinctive design. Then they can choose a flower at the garden store to plant in it. Group the finished pots on the patio. Daily attention with a plastic watering can can be a simple and quick chore even the smallest child can master. Make sure each child is responsible for his or her own pot!

Birds will be arriving soon (if they're not already here). Make them welcome with a birdhouse attached to your back fence. Buy an unfinished one and let your kiddos add the finishing colors. Let them be as creative as they wish. They will spend hours enjoying the birds that take up residence.

It's time to pull your bike from storage and AIR UP THE TIRES! As the days warm, you can take short trips around the block to ready yourself for longer treks with the kids once school is out for the summer.

You can calm a restless weekend with a picnic to the local park. Get the kids into the planning. They can make the sandwiches, while you organize a frisbee throwing contest. See who can get the frisbee into the hula hoop. The winner gets to choose where to stop for ice cream on the way home.

Raised beds are perfect for early-season vegetables. The soil comes up to growing temperature quicker, and you can cover it with a tarp on raised stakes to keep the midday sun from drying out the soil. This is a perfect solution if you plan to move seedlings to a permanent spot once they are established.