Autumn leaves are beginning to fall. Take time to unblock your gutters and downspouts. A great idea is gutter guards so the leaves can't get into your gutters in the first place!

You can keep out hummingbird nectar as long as the birds continue to visit. When they are ready to migrate, they will leave on their own. They won't stick around just because you have out food, but they will enjoy your treats as long as they stick around!

Faded perennials should be cleaned and seed pods removed. The final blooms of the season will continue to pop with color when they have less competition.

Check your child's car seat before traveling by air. Make sure it says "certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft." You don't want to put a kink in your plans at the boarding gate.

The refrigerant line between your house and your outside cooling unit needs a "line cozy." Wrap it with foam insulation, and your inside unit will blow colder, and your electric bill will be happier.