If your plastic craft ruler likes to stick on slick material, use clear picture-frame bumpers to "bump up" your ruler from the surface. You'll still be able to make accurate cuts, and your ruler will never stick again! 

Your A/C filter is designed to fit tightly in its housing. For easier removal, use masking tape to make a tab at one corner. Cut a four-inch length and run it for an inch along each edge at one corner. Press the extra together to make a tab you can grab when you need to check or replace the filter. Problem solved!

With the push toward electric cars as alternate transportation for city centers, maybe it's time to consider a tried-and-true form of alternate transportation: the city bus. Cities often provide parking at the edge of town, and you can get almost anywhere. Here's the trick: Arrive fifteen minutes early, and give the bus an extra fifteen minutes in case it is running late. Flexibility is the key! The gas you save will be priceless! 

Those Legos that every kid who comes in your house likes to play with? Sanitize them in the dishwasher! Slip them in a mesh bag, lay it across the top rack, and hit run! They will come out sparkling clean and germ free!

Our computers contain so much information that it's easy to lose stuff. The magnifying glass is a great search tool (most likely at the bottom of your screen). Use pencil and paper when you enter a search term to keep track of the words you've used. That way you don't repeat. Keep trying until you have success! Happy searching!