Celebrate November's full moon with your little ones. The Algonquin Native Americans called it the Beaver Moon. Create beaver masks out of paper plates and brown felt. Use pipe cleaners for whiskers and squares of white gum for teeth. Your little "beavers" can gnaw on tree branches made of string cheese rolled in corn flakes. They can chew the "teeth" afterwards for a fun treat.

You've got six weeks before Christmas. Now is the time for online shopping to begin. Get those packages on the way, and you can relax when the gift-giving holidays ramp up.

It's the end of Daylight Savings Time, so you get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Adjust your clocks before you go to bed. The change happens at 2 AM, but you can change your clocks anytime you wish.

November is a trickster. That surprise cold front will burst your pipes in a heartbeat. Turn off water to exterior hose bibs (outside spigots). Drain the exposed pipes or wrap them. Use heating tape if you can't drain the pipes and the nights are especially cold in your area.

1. Look both ways before crossing the street.

2. Use reflective tape for high visibility.

3. Stand with an adult when accepting candy.

4. If candy isn't prepackaged, after you get home, toss it out, no matter how tasty it looks.