The new school year is months away, and that makes this the perfect time to scope out safe routes for your kiddos to walk or ride their bikes to school. If you plan to drive them, ask the school where to drop off and pick up little ones. Then, when the new year starts, you and yours will already know what to do.

Got a window that blinds you every afternoon? Still want to see out? It's time to select a tree to complement your home. You have three options: bare-root; balled and burlapped; and container-grown. Dig your hole twice as wide as the root system, backfilling with aerated soil covered with bark or other mulch. Follow the nursery's care instructions and then sit back and watch it grow.

With the pandemic restrictions still in place, keep backup plans in place for all extended travel. Cruises, street festivals, and other summer events may or may not take place as planned. Alternative options might be a TV movie night, a trip to feed the ducks at the city park, or a day trip searching out VW Bugs in various colors. The winner can choose the next trip's destination!

Haven't had your AC unit serviced? Now's when they start dropping like flies. Ask your neighbors for their picks or visit the Better Business Bureau to selcct a company you can trust.

As June kicks into gear, things may knock your summer plans awry. Be flexible. If your kids go off line, work with them. Think in "I want you to ..." terms, not in a "This happens every time ..." fashion. Have a discussion. Be realistic. Give your kids imput. If both of you adjust your expectations, you'll ease frustration all around.