Get an early start on your spring garden with black plastic. Even when the air temperature rises, the ground can be cold, preventing seeds from germinating. Warm it up by covering it with black plastic sheeting on sunny days. You can use a soil thermometer to monitor the results.

It's time to get those fruit trees in the ground. Dig your hole twice as wide as it is deep (for roots to spread!) and work peat moss or other organic filler into your soil when backfilling. You can expect a bumper crop come fall! 

Keep a spare box with "boy" things inside for visiting friends with children or for when your grandchildren come to visit. Plastic frogs, small cars, and other boy-friendly things will make their visit extra special.

What are little girls made of? Probably the same as boys, but build a specific box just for them anyway. A mirror, small figurines, and other items to spark their imagination for play. Visiting children will love your thoughtfulness, and they will ask for their "box" each time they return.

Mulch removal is best done with a plastic rake. Give your irrigation system (even if it's just a hand held hose) a check up. Trim dead limbs out of your fruit trees. Make sure your azaleas are well nourished. And finally, get those spring vegetables in the ground. You don't want to miss a bountiful harvest for your dinner table.