A hint from across the world: Filipino households sometimes use aceite de manzanilla (oil of chamomile) as a topical treatment for bloaty or achy tummies. Rub a drop or two on the skin before bedtime. A 2013 study claimed the oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and can also calm nerves and lower fever! Check with your physician to see if this solution might work for you!

Now that winter has retreated to Canada, it's time to get your heating system prepped for the off season. Replace your filters, vacuum inside your registers if you can, and check for any unusual noises when you run the system. Call a repair service for anything you don't feel equipped to handle.

Book a book exchange at the same time. When you get together, bring the latest book(s) you've read, and everyone exchange. If there's a book no one wants, donate it to a book enchange, a nursing home, or a hospital. 

Make the most of those rainy spring days by preparing your gardening tools for the next sunny day. Clean, sharpen, oil, whatever their needs might be. You'll be ready to get outside at the first hint of sun! 

By "ether world," I mean the Internet. When searching for gardening tools and new ideas for plantings, hone your keywords in your search. Azalea, not just flowers. Brick pavers, not just walkways. Drainage gravel, not just rocks. Keep refining your keywords, and you will find exactly what you need!