It's time to renew the garden with color. Remember, the September sun can still be intense, so protect fresh plantings with shade cloth or leafy branches until they are established.

Have your kids trace a train route on a map. Imagine they are on the train. What's one thing they will see? Have them write a paragraph about it from online research.

Offer to bring a bottle of propane to the cookout (or a bag of charcoal). Bring rubber gloves and an S.O.S. pad, and jump in to help with clean up. Your help might be turned down, but the offer will be appreciated.

Trees absorb the lion's share of nutrients and can keep smaller plants from getting enough nourishment. Use a spray-on fertilizer your flowers and fruiting plants can absorb directly through the leaves.

Examine your garden first thing. Many plants will wilt under the sun's assault. If the leaves are fine in the morning, they will probably make it until evening without additional water. Only water if they are wilted before the sun hits them.