At least with your cloth napkins. Lay them out wet in layered stacks. (Make sure the surface is waterproof!) Press them flat, and when dry, you can peel them off one at a time, ready to fold and use! Run a small fan over them to speed up the drying process!

Travel opportunites are sometimes made, not happened upon. If you have a surprise free weekend, give your travel agent a call. They will know the best deals. Vacation success assured!

Have a music night. Each family member gets to write a song (kids, especially!). The caveat is that they must sing it! Musical accompaniment is welcome, or sing a cappella! No critiques allowed! Everyone will have fun!

This is the last month to successfully transplant many garden plants. For the best summer and fall results, root growth begins now. Shovel out! Plantings moved!

Knock, knock, clam! Let me in! When you cook clams in a pan, you can tap the shells or shake the pan to help them open up. If they refuse, they are likely dead and should be tossed. The rest will find a good home in your tummy!