There's still time to plant summer-flowering bulbs. Gladiolas and lilies will do fine, although don't risk your dahlias until you are sure the last frost is past. It's also a good time to feed your early-flowering bulbs with a general purpose garden fertilizer.

As a fun treat, have your daughter or son line up your dog or cat with their stuffed animals. The one who can hide the real animal in the toys best can choose what's for lunch that day.

Does your child's classroom have a group pet? A fish or a hamster? Talk to your child's teacher about what will happen to the pet over the summer. Perhaps you could adopt it for June, July and August. It might even become a permanent part of your family. Who knows?

Public parks are at their best and getting better in April. Plan a day trip with your kids. Pair younger children with older siblings (or an adult) and send them on quests to find things in the park, perhaps a certain color flower or a stone bench. An old cell phone is great for snapping pictures of their finds. You can call your local parks department ahead to find out what's blooming or other interesting things for your youngsters to discover.

April is the month weeds come alive. Slugs and snails, also. Don't forget to spray for blackspot on your roses. Catch it now, and you'll enjoy blooms all summer long.