I love these liners for my slow cooker. For me, they make cleanup a breeze. Afterward, just rinse the slow cooker and it's ready to go back in the pantry. The liners hold the juice and let me dispose of it with no mess. Try it and see what you think. Click the image to see for yourself.

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This is the best mix and scrape tool I've found. They come in various sizes, but this large one is my favorite. You won't regret having this in your kitchen drawer. Click the image to find out more information about one of my favorite kitchen tools.

Mix and Scraper

I've found baking stones to be marvelous for easy cleanup and no burn baking. Pampered Chef is a brand I really like. You can click the image to learn more and see pricing at Amazon. There are lots more styles!  Shop around!

Pampered Chef Baking Stone