When a worry pops up in your thoughts, pull out a sticky note and write something good that's in your life. Post it where you can see it, and your perspective will change.

This really works. Each day, write down three good things that happened to you during the previous 24 hours. Feel free to reread what you've written as often as you wish. Here's a fantastic hint: add notes why these things happened so you can make them happen again!

E-screens emit blue light that acts like caffeine to your brain's sleep center. Shut off all your electronic caffeine sources thirty minutes before calling it a night. (And yes, that goes for checking your email on your phone while lying in bed. Don't do it!)

Get out of your work chair for at least a portion of each hour. Work at a stand-up desk, talk on the phone while on your feet, or just spend your break at the water dispenser chatting with a coworker. If you can, take a walk outside. You'll be healthier, and your increased creativity might surprise you.

With the new year, make one part of your life easier, decision making. Pick something to do exactly the same every morning. It might be the same breakfast every day, the same style of socks, or reading the same news app on your phone. Your morning will run smoother and you will be mentally fresher.